Control Node

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A SapSpy Control Node communicates to the SapSpy Sensor Hub (Sold Separately) allowing you to control a relay module, measure vacuum, tank level and temperature in different areas of your sugarbush. A control node is typically used at a secondary collection station or another location in the sugarbush where you need to turn a motor on/off, open/close a solenoid valve, or any number of applications. 

Control Nodes will be a limited release for the 2025 season. Customers who purchase a limited release version will have an opportunity for a free upgrade if hardware changes are required.

In order for SapSpy Sensor Nodes to communicated to the SapSpy Sensor Hub, the Sensor Hub must include an add-on radio option for +$100. 

Sap Spy nodes are now capable of Spy Mesh. Spy Mesh allows nodes to repeat a signal in order to significantly increase the distance between end of line vacuum sensors and the sensor hub (Cellular Gateway). Videos and additional instructional content will be updated in Q4 of 2022 discussing this new and exciting functionality. 

A single sensor hub can service many sensor nodes. The recommended maximum number of hops between a sensor hub and sensor node is 4. The expected distance between two sensors nodes is estimated at ~1500' - 2500' through a typical sugarbush. Line of sight, sensor nodes can reach 3 miles+ between two nodes. It is recommended to use a dedicated Sensor Hub per sugarbush location and use that particular Sensor Hub to service all sensor nodes in the local sugarbush.


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