About Us

How Sap Spy was born:

As a fellow Maple Syrup producer, I personally struggled every spring balancing the demands between my day job, my family and time at the sugar bush. As Skarda Maple Farms increased production every year, the demands only became worse. Each day, I would wonder: Are the tanks going to overflow? Do I need to leave work early today? Can I go home and enjoy dinner with my family tonight? As we upgraded to vacuum pumps and releasers, it became critical to know the status of my pump and the level of vacuum in the woods. It was then I decided to apply the 15 years of electrical engineering and data systems knowledge to solve my own problem and thus Sap Spy was born. 

Started in the spring of 2019, I made my own remote monitoring device for my own sugar bush to monitor the 3 remote locations that we have. This gave me great peace of mind and allowed me to properly plan my day. I know other small to mid size producers like myself have the similar problem so the following year I had 10 early adopters of my beta version of Sap Spy. Taking all learnings from the early adopters, the initial product of SapSpy was born. 

Sap Spy is an affordable monitoring device that opens the door to the benefits of remote monitoring and management systems to all maple syrup producers.  

Peace of mind: Know the status of your maple system from the convenience of your mobile phone or any web browser.  

Increase sap yield: Plot vacuum reading over time and over multiple days, be alerted to loss of vacuum to quickly identify and correct leaks when they happen.

Know how the sap is running: Plot tank level over time to determine how fast the sap is running that particular day and estimate when the tank will be full.