12 Volt Battery Alligator Clips

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The power chord with alligator clips is an alternative option to power the SapSpy Sensor Hub from any 6 or 12 bolt battery. This option will keep the Sensor Hub easily powered all season without any additional intervention.

Customer supplies external 6 or 12 volt battery. 

Do not connect the SapSpy Sensor Hub to a battery within a running vehicle. The higher voltage introduced by a running vehicle may cause damage. Typically, the battery is fully disconnected and brought into the Sugarbush. 

Note: This option is not required for remote sugarbushes. The SapSpy Sensor hub includes an internal rechargeable battery. This battery will last 2-4 weeks between charges already. The purpose of this option is to allow you to remotely recharge the internal battery or for full season SapSpy use without having to recharge.