Electronic Protection Valve

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UPDATE: As of 1/21/2024, we are now back in stock with new orders ready to ship in 1-3 days. 

Sap Spy is now offering an electronically controlled, self resetting valve. This device can prevent the moisture trap or releaser from tripping in the morning thaw when the sap flood gates open. This saves you time and further protects your vacuum pump investment.

The solenoid valve can be installed on the vacuum line just prior to your releaser. When the releaser is not keeping up and continues to fill with sap, the valve actuates cutting off vacuum and preventing any sap from entering the vacuum line of the releaser. Once the releaser pump catches up and the probes clear, after a programmable 1-10 second delay,  the valve opens again restoring vacuum to the releaser.  

Stainless probes are 1/4" NPT. A 1/4" NPT tap and 7/16" drill bit is required for installation. (Not included)  

Solenoid valve is 2" NPT and is Normally Open. 2 valves with 1 control relay option can be used in larger sugaring operations. In this case, both valves will actuate together and can be plumbed in parallel for 2X the flow. 

Can be operated in 1 probe (common, max) or 2 probe mode (common, max, min.). The relay module can be configured for either mode. We recommend using the 1 probe mode with a 10 second off delay for most scenarios. 

Operates on 110VAC. 
Custom configurations are also available upon request. 

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