Sap Spy - Sensor Hub
Sap Spy - Sensor Hub

Sap Spy - Sensor Hub

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Measure: Tank Level (0-100%) Vacuum Level (0-29.9 inHg) Temperature (degrees F)

Alert: Send text alert based on alert settings for your device Text Alert for vacuum level, tank level, or loss of power (i.e. generator turned off).

Plot history: Plot the history of the vacuum level, tank level and temperature for durations between 1 hr and 14 days

No power in the woods? No Problem: Device can last 2-4 weeks on a single charge using a sleep/wake cycle. When in this mode, wakes up every 5 minutes, takes readings, falls back asleep, every 20 minutes connects to cell tower to push readings up to the cloud. Great option for users with engine vacuum pumps. When powered, device takes readings and publishes them every 5 minutes.

No WiFi in the woods? No Problem: Device connects over the cellular network with near full Cellular coverage throughout US and most of Canada.

$50/season subscription fee. The first season is included in the device. 

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