Sensor Hub - Cellular
Sensor Hub - Cellular
Sensor Hub - Cellular
This is the 2 relay control module. Independently control 2 different relays. Each rated at 10 Amps
2 relay control plugs directly into the SapSpy.
USB Cable to Power or Charge the SapSpy Sensor Hub
Sensor Hub - Cellular
Sensor Hub - Cellular

Sensor Hub - Cellular

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Includes everything you need to begin monitoring your sugarbush today including: 6' USB Cable, USB power adapter, Vacuum hook-up connection to releasers, Ultrasonic tank level sensor with 10 ft cable. 

Device includes SIM Card and ships pre-activated ready to connect. Requires $50/season subscription fee paid to SapSpy. The first season is included with your purchase. Future seasons will be invoiced in January. 

Measure: Tank Level (0-100%) Vacuum Level (0-29.9 inHg) Temperature (degrees F)

Alert: Send text alert based on alert settings you configure. Sends alerts up to 3 people. 

Plot history: Plot the history of the vacuum level, tank level and temperature for durations between 1 hr and 14 days. Known how cold it was last night as well as how the sap is running during the day. Ensure your vacuum is always at peak performance. 

No power in the woods? No Problem: Device can last 2-4 weeks on a single charge. Available Options include: Solar Panel or alligator clips for 6-12 Volt battery. 

No WiFi in the woods? No Problem: Device connects over the cellular network with near full Cellular coverage throughout US and most of Canada

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