Tank Level - LED Virtual Sight Glass

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The LED virtual sight glass is commonly used in the sugarhouse to visualize the level of liquid in the head tank of an evaporator. A submersible liquid level sensor is used to precisely measure detect the level of liquid in the tank down to 0.25". Based on the liquid level, the LED virtual sight glass controller, will illuminate multiple LEDs on a ~3' long (60 LED light strip. This allows you to always know the level of liquid in any tank. 

- The LED strip will turn Blue/Green when the level is at the desired zone

- The LED strip will turn Blue/Red when the level is in a undesirable zone (close to empty, close to full). 

A user can scale the sensor reading to accommodate smaller and larger tanks and can also set their specific threshold on when to turn the LED strip colors based on the level of the tank. 

The LED light strip can be mounted to a wall in plane sight of your evaporator or common work area. The tank itself can be up to 25' away. 

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